Rust Devil Games was founded in 2012 by a group of friends who decided that it was high time they stop simply sitting around and talking about what would be the coolest games ever if only someonewould make them, and actually get off of their butts and make them!

        The founding members of RDG are all video game industry veterans, having worked at a variety of companies such as Lucasarts, Trion Worlds, and several other prominent industry fixtures. We have experience working on games of all types, most notably MMORPG, RTS, Shooters (1st and 3rd person), handheld, puzzle, and more.

        I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, sure, but those are video games, not tabletop games!” And you’re correct, however we all started with tabletop games when we were younger, and have stayed avid gamers throughout our careers in the video game industry. We are also no strangers to tabletop design, being the team behind the game design on existing Savage Worlds miniature game Modern Ops.

        Our goal is to take those “wouldn’t it be awesome” projects and make them a reality. We feel that our tastes are in-line with the general gamer zeitgeist, meaning that if other people think our games are half as cool as we do, then we’re doing well.