2016 Update: Backer Refunds

Hey folks,  

This is not a fun update to write, but we've been far too long without an explanation to our backers.  

Unfortunately, it's time for us to tap out on this project. When Bret and my mothers passed away it took pretty much all of the wind out of our sails, and in the meantime our overhead has long since chewed up the remaining funds we'd set aside to hold us over until our book sales picked up. 

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Zed or Alive Demo from Walker Stalker Con SF 2015!

Hey Everyone, 

the RDG crew was in force at Walker Stalker Con SF 2015, and the nice folks from The Geek Speak Show caught up with RDG's Bret Rood for a quick rules demo! Check it out:

Walker Stalker Con was a great event and we had a lot of fun spreading the ZoA virus to more local folks in the San Francisco Bay Area! Check out some of our pics from the event below:

Printing Complete, Books En Route!

Hey everyone, I'm extremely glad to announce that printing of the books is complete! They've been loaded on a ship and are at this very moment headed to US shores! We've been given a time frame of up to five weeks for final delivery. The last leg of the journey, when the shipment is handed off to US postal carriers, is when we'll be able to use more traditional tracking. I've been advised that this should be roughly the last week of shipping, so at least we'll have some early warning as to exactly when we'll be getting everyone's packages together. So, barring the perfect storm, bermuda triangles, or pirates, it should be like clockwork from here on out.

Zed or Alive hot off the press!

We're currently getting things in order so we get the custom ZoA playing cards at the same time and will be shipping them out together.

Zed or Alive printed!

Once again I'd like to offer profuse thanks to our amazing backers on behalf of the RDG crew, it's incredibly moving to see Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game, that used to be just a dream turn into reality. He won't admit it, but even John got a little misty seeing these pics. :P

Zed or Alive Books

As always, please feel free to post any comments, questions, threats, etc below or on our website blog, facebook, twitter, or email!

-The RDG Crew

The Store is Open for Business!

Hey everyone, The UK setting pack is continuing development, but this week's news has more to do with the work we've been doing on the website and the opening of our web store! This is something we were trying to get done before the KS concluded, but were unable to finish in time and keep up with the campaign updates. Now that it is ready, we will be switching  the delivery of subsequent electronic rewards (such as upcoming setting packs) through the store via coupon codes.

The good news is that now folks who missed out on the Kickstarter can get their hands on the rules!

I want to make sure I'm clear that we remain committed to getting pledge rewards to our backers ASAP, and that we will make sure that backers are getting taken care of when we're releasing new rewards. When possible, we'll be adding items to the store as they're released, but if there are any conflicts, KS backers are always the priority.

That's pretty much it for now - we're having a blast getting the UK setting ready, I have a feeling you guys will enjoy it. :) As usual, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

-The RDG Crew

The Zed or Alive Online Store

Zed or Alive on The Nerd's Domain Podcast!

Matt Quiett over at the Nerd's Domain podcast was gracious enough to invite the RDG crew to join him on their podcast to discuss Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game, so we were only too happy to oblige! Please check it out at the link below, we touched on a variety of topics and even discuss our first planned expansion!  

Zed or Alive Kickstarter: March 15-April 13!!

We at Rust Devil Games are proud to announce that our Kickstarter campaign is ready to go and will be launching on March 15th! We'll be going for 30 days until April 13th, which should allow us to get funded and send everything to the printers in order to get physical copies shipping in May 2014. Followers of the site and blog already know plenty of background on the game, but for those that haven't, please see below for general project information!

Zed or Alive Kickstarter March 15-April 13!!

Zed or Alive is a campaign-based miniatures skirmish game using the award-winning Savage Worlds: Showdown! system set in the years following the zombie apocalypse. You control one of several human group types such as SurvivorsTribals, or Military and battle each other and the ever-present zombie menace to gain weapons, supplies, and dominance!

  Alternately, you may choose to play as a Virus Strain, gaining evolutionary material with every battle and evolving to become increasingly lethal!

The goal for our project is to provide players with a fast, furious, and fun miniatures game that allows them to use any zombie or survivor figures to play out campaigns just like your favorite zombie movies and shows!

Game Details:

  • Uses the award-winning Savage Worlds: Showdown! System! (Available for free!)
  • Use any miniatures you like!
  • Three basic human group types!
  • Rules for mutating your own Virus Strain!
  • Tons of Confrontations that areplayable head-to-head, cooperatively, or solo!
  • Robust Campaign System! Watch your group grow from battle to battle!
  • Massive armory with just about every anti-zombie weapon imaginable!
  • Jury-Rigging system for constructing makeshift zombie-killing weapons!
  • Rules for mountsvehicles, even training pet dogs!
  • Compatible with the Savage Worlds RPG - use ZoA as a role-playing sourcebook, create characters, use them in skirmish battle games, and vice-versa!
  • Tons of setting-specific rules!
  • Compatible with conventional 28mm or even 15mm miniatures!

Please visit Kickstarter on March 15th to help us make a printed book version of Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game a reality and spread the virus!

February Update!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a break from hammering on the latest draft of the game to provide a quick update. Things are moving quickly, so I'll try to include as many highlights as I can. Project Status

We're closing in fast on the finish line, and Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game is that much closer to becoming a reality! Things were temporarily delayed when we had a last-minute re-write to the way Virus Strain progression is handled based on an awesome suggestion by our very own Robert Valentine, and I'm happy to report that the game is much better off for it. With that complete, we're expecting to have the PDF editing and layout complete within a couple weeks, leaving only final art to be inserted into the document and then some finaling before it's ready to go! Thus, we have a few main priorities right now: The first is some final miniature painting and photography, which Bret Rood and I were busy with most of today.

February Photoshoot!

As you can see from the pic above, we're trying to get creative and put some awesome shots into the game so there's plenty of eye candy for all, which can be tricky on a small budget. As you can see from the picture of our photo studio, we're working with what we've got! :) Without giving tooooo much away, I'll say that things are going very well!

Our other priorities at this time are finishing editing and layout of the PDF, as well as prepping the business side of things so we're ready to go with Kickstarter and the web store following the campaign. Basically, we're getting all of our ducks in a row so things run smoothly. Expect an announcement of our Kickstarter campaign dates within the next few weeks as well!

Our handy Photo Studio!

As usual, feel free to post comments or questions here, to our Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm off to watch the mid-season premier of Walking Dead as I continue work on the doc. Take care, everyone!


Zomtober is Here!

So we recently found out that a bunch of the Zombie Bloggers Association folks are conducting an awesome event called Zomtober, in which everyone posts a new zombie or survivor mini they've painted each week in October! Set in motion by Pulpcitizen over at the Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer blog, Zomtober has grown to include a ton of great blogs and we couldn't resist getting in on the fun! On top of having fun and sharing our minis, it's simply a great way to motivate yourself to start chipping away at that mountain of unpainted lead on your workbench, because I know it's  sitting there, mocking you. So, without further ado, here are the entries from the Zed or Alive crew!

Since we're so late to the party (it's week FOUR for crying out loud!), we thought we'd make things right by posting a both a survivor AND a zombie for each week and get things started with a bang!

And what better way to start off than with a plain 'ol Shambler? This poor gal never even got to finish her shift, but it's fitting that she's hanging around the employees only entrance!

Waitress Shambler

    She's a Wargames Factory plastic zombie from the Zombie Vixens boxed set, mounted on a resin urban base from Secret Weapon.

    Next up is the rugged vagabond, Raul. Usually a loner who stakes his life on deadly-accurate sharpshooting, Raul has recently fallen in with a group of unlikely companions who, needless to say, immediately found his skills useful. Always keeping his friends' survival skills sharp, he has what it takes to survive in the dead world. Still can't quit smoking, though.


    Raul is a lightly converted miniature from Black Scorpion. His left arm is an SVD Dragunov from the bits box sculpted with some green stuff due to an accidental arm breakage.

    They can't all be regular zeds though, can they? In the ruins of the old world, worse horrors lurk, and this is one of them- a horribly mutated zombie, or Aberrant, this type affectionately dubbed The Glom by local survivor groups, is a twisted fusion of three regular Shamblers. Tougher than your average zack, Gloms are extremely dangerous due to the many arms they can use to grab nearby survivors. It might not have what it takes to kill a tough survivor outright, but it doesn't need to- all it takes is delaying some hapless victim long enough for more zeds to arrive.

The Glom

    The Glom is a Reaper mini from the Savage Worlds line, straight out of the box. Guaranteed to gross people out!

    Pepper is a typical survivor - not what you'd quite expect for a post-apocalyptic hero. A stout, rotund fellow with a true love for food and beer, Pepper does his best to fix things that break for Raul and the others, and when he's not doing that, he's usually seasoning whatever they've scrounged and transforming barely edible meals into... well, edible ones. Tough as nails and a veteran of the ruins, Pepper carries a shotgun, but prefers to go quiet and stick to his trusty metal pipe in most situations.


    Pepper is another Black Scorpion figure, although he is decently converted - he actually began life as an old west mini, but some putty, glue, and a donation from the bits box turned him from a cowboy to this trucker gone zombie survivor. Ok, so it's not that big a stretch. :P

    No zombie collection would be complete without some crawlers, and we've been dying to paint these up ever since the Zombie Vixens box arrived. This particular zed used to be a nurse, so we decided to make the floor as much of a character in this mini as the figure itself. This crawler is typifies what a Shambler is all about; axe to the face, legs blown off, and still coming!


    This crawler is another Zombie Vixen from Wargames Factory on a custom base made from putty. These crawlers really are a nice little bonus touch that come with the boxed sets, it's great to have that little bit more variety!

    He might not run in the same crew as Pepper and Raul, but make no mistake, Jonner is not someone you'd want to run across while scavenging in the ruins. He's never talked about his life before the crash, but one thing's for certain: Jonner knew how to kill things before killing  to stay alive became the daily norm. Physically imposing and ice cold, he acts as the muscle for his survivor group, keeping the others out of trouble when he can, filling trouble with holes when he can't.


    Jonner is a Wargames Foundry miniaure from the Street Violence range mounted on a custom base made from putty. No conversions here, this mini is straight out of the box.

    Aberrants aren't all giant mutant freaks. No, some of the most terrifying zeds are the little ones - not slow and lumbering, but wickedly fast. Imps, as the scavengers call 'em, are part of the latter group. Small and agile, Imps are known to leap large distances to pounce on unsuspecting victims, tearing away chunks of flesh with their powerful, over-sized claws.


   The Imp is from the awesome range of Zombie Characters from Studio Miniatures mounted on a resin base from Secret Weapon. This guy is small and looks fairly nimble, making him a perfect candidate to serve as a Stalker type Aberrant.

   Our last mini for this week of Zomtober is the enigmatic Naci, the blazing red mohawk-sporting tribal from the deepest ruins. When the world went to hell, some people banded together to survive and make a life for each other. Others grabbed on for the ride and went to hell with it, reverting to tribal savagery. A master marksman with her hand crossbow, Naci is the tribe's huntress and scout. Able to stalk through the rubble of the old world without a sound, she makes the perfect scout. And, for when things get up close and personal, nothing solves a dispute quite like a giant monkey wrench.


    Naci was another fun conversion, and a good example of how miniatures from other genres can fit into the post apocalypse without too much effort. The base mini is a fantasy adventurer from Reaper, given a head swap courtesy of a Street Violence mini from Wargames Foundry. The base was sculpted from putty, made to look like she's perched on top of an old trash bag.

Well, that wraps up our first Zomtober blog post, if all goes well and the brushes strike true, we'll have another one just in time for Halloween!


May Update!

Hey everyone, we've been hard at work but want to make a concerted effort to keep everyone updated as to the status of Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game! Project Status:

The initial drafts of the game are finished, and the book is officially in the Editing & Layout Phase! In regards to the actual production of the document, our only current potential bottleneck is the mountain of lead that our painters are currently hacking away at, as the more awesome figures we have, the more great shots we can get into the book! We've decided to reveal a sample of the types of shots you'll find in the book in today's update:

Sylvie in Action

 We have found a printer that we're happy with, and things are moving along quickly! Now that we've found our printer, the financial picture is becoming much clearer, allowing us to get the details of the Kickstarter campaign in order.

Additionally, we found a great company from the Sacramento area, Secret Weapon Miniatures, who were gracious enough to supply us with some of their awesome bases, terrain and bits, so you can expect to see those featured in the book. They've been added to the Miniatures section, so be sure to check them out! Their terrain and bits, such as Jersey barriers and backpacks are perfect for the Zed or Alive setting, not to mention the awesome ruined city bases!

We've been getting some great testing done, and our internal Zed or Alive campaign is chugging along. So far we've got at least one of each group type, as well as two of what we expect to be an popular choice: the "all kids" survivor group. Don't laugh, they're dangerous! Who knew they taught boy scouts how to make molotov cocktails?

As always, if you have any questions feel free to post in the comments or message us directly.


Welcome to the new site!

Well, first off I'd like to welcome everyone to the new website for Rust Devil Games and Zed or Alive, our upcoming zombie miniatures game! While the majority of the website is dedicated to providing general information about the game, we'll be using the blog to keep everyone up to date on the current progress of the game itself. Additionally, we'll be posting discussion topics, miniature modeling guides, and more! Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in the comments or head to the forums, we plan on being extremely accessible to the community, as this is truly a game made for fans of the genre. Project Status: 

Or, where we're at! Currently, the initial draft of the game is nearing completion. This means all of the major systems, units, items, and everything else are in the game. What remains to be done on a design side, is additional testing on some of the different human group types, as well as as much testing as we can squeeze in on Aberrants. The mutant zombies are a tough one to tackle from a game design perspective, as the different ability combinations allow for a truly staggering number of combinations.

On the business side, we are in the process of contacting publishers, printers, and other companies to finalize the costs involved before we launch our Kickstarter campaign. Like many small companies, we simply do not have access to the capital to simply print a run of books to sell directly from the site. We decided that, rather than offer a PDF-only game, we would use Kickstarter to raise enough funding for our initial print run. We are not simply conducting a Kickstarter campaign because it's trendy or because we can. We simply cannot print the book without it.

When is this happening?

We have a firm "it's done when it's done" policy in regards to our release date, but we are hoping to get things in high gear within the next few months. Until then, welcome to the site!

-The RDG Team