2016 Update: Backer Refunds

Hey folks,  

This is not a fun update to write, but we've been far too long without an explanation to our backers.  

Unfortunately, it's time for us to tap out on this project. When Bret and my mothers passed away it took pretty much all of the wind out of our sails, and in the meantime our overhead has long since chewed up the remaining funds we'd set aside to hold us over until our book sales picked up. 

I was living with my mother and performing caretaking duties while writing ZoA - she was always extremely supportive of the project. The memories of working on it are understandably linked with memories of my mother and this is what also makes it extremely painful for me to return to working on ZoA, and this is one of the biggest reasons I personally haven't been more proactive in writing more material and doing a better job of maintaining our website/storefront. This is not an excuse, simply a reason. I'm still working through this grief on a daily basis, and I've simply dropped the ball on ZoA because of it. 

So, where we find ourselves is a partially delivered KS that we're unable to deliver the remaining items on. We're out of funds, but have plenty of stock in ZoA books. 

 Our plan moving forward is this: 

  • Issue refunds to backers for any unfulfilled or partially fulfilled pledges. 
  • Make our completed PDF products available via our website for free ASAP. (Reduce price on WarGameVault.com to minimum allowable.) 
  • Explore options for a 3rd party store to handle sale of any remaining inventory after refunds are complete. 

 On Refunds: 

  • Refunds will begin to be issued January 13, 2017. 
  • As we're currently out of funds, I'll be paying refunds out of pocket, in order of pledge # (i.e. earlier pledges are refunded sooner). I'll be doing my best to work through these as fast as possible, but please understand I'm taking a chunk of each paycheck to do so, and refunds to late backers won't be as timely as any of us would like. 
  • We have a large stock of ZoA books, so if you would prefer, we are happy to send out books to cover refund costs at a rate of $15 each and card packs at $5 each (e.g. If your refund is $50, you can opt for 3 copies of ZoA and a card pack instead). In this way, at least we can settle up with some backers ASAP. 
  • We'll be sending out an email or posting a survey around the holidays asking if backers would prefer refunds in the form of books/cards, but feel free to message us via KS sooner if that's your preference. 

Finally, we'd like to take a moment to apologize to our backers and all of the miniature companies that were kind enough to take a risk and support ZoA. Our intent was most definitely never to scam or rip anyone off, simply to bring our vision of a fun game to life. We didn't get it done, and are doing our best to make it right. Additionally, our apologies go to Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment, our sincerest hope is that this KS doesn't negatively reflect on their brand. 

-The RDG Team