February Update!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a break from hammering on the latest draft of the game to provide a quick update. Things are moving quickly, so I'll try to include as many highlights as I can. Project Status

We're closing in fast on the finish line, and Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game is that much closer to becoming a reality! Things were temporarily delayed when we had a last-minute re-write to the way Virus Strain progression is handled based on an awesome suggestion by our very own Robert Valentine, and I'm happy to report that the game is much better off for it. With that complete, we're expecting to have the PDF editing and layout complete within a couple weeks, leaving only final art to be inserted into the document and then some finaling before it's ready to go! Thus, we have a few main priorities right now: The first is some final miniature painting and photography, which Bret Rood and I were busy with most of today.

February Photoshoot!

As you can see from the pic above, we're trying to get creative and put some awesome shots into the game so there's plenty of eye candy for all, which can be tricky on a small budget. As you can see from the picture of our photo studio, we're working with what we've got! :) Without giving tooooo much away, I'll say that things are going very well!

Our other priorities at this time are finishing editing and layout of the PDF, as well as prepping the business side of things so we're ready to go with Kickstarter and the web store following the campaign. Basically, we're getting all of our ducks in a row so things run smoothly. Expect an announcement of our Kickstarter campaign dates within the next few weeks as well!

Our handy Photo Studio!

As usual, feel free to post comments or questions here, to our Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm off to watch the mid-season premier of Walking Dead as I continue work on the doc. Take care, everyone!