May Update!

Hey everyone, we've been hard at work but want to make a concerted effort to keep everyone updated as to the status of Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game! Project Status:

The initial drafts of the game are finished, and the book is officially in the Editing & Layout Phase! In regards to the actual production of the document, our only current potential bottleneck is the mountain of lead that our painters are currently hacking away at, as the more awesome figures we have, the more great shots we can get into the book! We've decided to reveal a sample of the types of shots you'll find in the book in today's update:

Sylvie in Action

 We have found a printer that we're happy with, and things are moving along quickly! Now that we've found our printer, the financial picture is becoming much clearer, allowing us to get the details of the Kickstarter campaign in order.

Additionally, we found a great company from the Sacramento area, Secret Weapon Miniatures, who were gracious enough to supply us with some of their awesome bases, terrain and bits, so you can expect to see those featured in the book. They've been added to the Miniatures section, so be sure to check them out! Their terrain and bits, such as Jersey barriers and backpacks are perfect for the Zed or Alive setting, not to mention the awesome ruined city bases!

We've been getting some great testing done, and our internal Zed or Alive campaign is chugging along. So far we've got at least one of each group type, as well as two of what we expect to be an popular choice: the "all kids" survivor group. Don't laugh, they're dangerous! Who knew they taught boy scouts how to make molotov cocktails?

As always, if you have any questions feel free to post in the comments or message us directly.