Printing Complete, Books En Route!

Hey everyone, I'm extremely glad to announce that printing of the books is complete! They've been loaded on a ship and are at this very moment headed to US shores! We've been given a time frame of up to five weeks for final delivery. The last leg of the journey, when the shipment is handed off to US postal carriers, is when we'll be able to use more traditional tracking. I've been advised that this should be roughly the last week of shipping, so at least we'll have some early warning as to exactly when we'll be getting everyone's packages together. So, barring the perfect storm, bermuda triangles, or pirates, it should be like clockwork from here on out.

Zed or Alive hot off the press!

We're currently getting things in order so we get the custom ZoA playing cards at the same time and will be shipping them out together.

Zed or Alive printed!

Once again I'd like to offer profuse thanks to our amazing backers on behalf of the RDG crew, it's incredibly moving to see Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game, that used to be just a dream turn into reality. He won't admit it, but even John got a little misty seeing these pics. :P

Zed or Alive Books

As always, please feel free to post any comments, questions, threats, etc below or on our website blog, facebook, twitter, or email!

-The RDG Crew