The Store is Open for Business!

Hey everyone, The UK setting pack is continuing development, but this week's news has more to do with the work we've been doing on the website and the opening of our web store! This is something we were trying to get done before the KS concluded, but were unable to finish in time and keep up with the campaign updates. Now that it is ready, we will be switching  the delivery of subsequent electronic rewards (such as upcoming setting packs) through the store via coupon codes.

The good news is that now folks who missed out on the Kickstarter can get their hands on the rules!

I want to make sure I'm clear that we remain committed to getting pledge rewards to our backers ASAP, and that we will make sure that backers are getting taken care of when we're releasing new rewards. When possible, we'll be adding items to the store as they're released, but if there are any conflicts, KS backers are always the priority.

That's pretty much it for now - we're having a blast getting the UK setting ready, I have a feeling you guys will enjoy it. :) As usual, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

-The RDG Crew

The Zed or Alive Online Store