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Zomtober is Here!

So we recently found out that a bunch of the Zombie Bloggers Association folks are conducting an awesome event called Zomtober, in which everyone posts a new zombie or survivor mini they've painted each week in October! Set in motion by Pulpcitizen over at the Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer blog, Zomtober has grown to include a ton of great blogs and we couldn't resist getting in on the fun! On top of having fun and sharing our minis, it's simply a great way to motivate yourself to start chipping away at that mountain of unpainted lead on your workbench, because I know it's  sitting there, mocking you. So, without further ado, here are the entries from the Zed or Alive crew!

Since we're so late to the party (it's week FOUR for crying out loud!), we thought we'd make things right by posting a both a survivor AND a zombie for each week and get things started with a bang!

And what better way to start off than with a plain 'ol Shambler? This poor gal never even got to finish her shift, but it's fitting that she's hanging around the employees only entrance!

Waitress Shambler

    She's a Wargames Factory plastic zombie from the Zombie Vixens boxed set, mounted on a resin urban base from Secret Weapon.

    Next up is the rugged vagabond, Raul. Usually a loner who stakes his life on deadly-accurate sharpshooting, Raul has recently fallen in with a group of unlikely companions who, needless to say, immediately found his skills useful. Always keeping his friends' survival skills sharp, he has what it takes to survive in the dead world. Still can't quit smoking, though.


    Raul is a lightly converted miniature from Black Scorpion. His left arm is an SVD Dragunov from the bits box sculpted with some green stuff due to an accidental arm breakage.

    They can't all be regular zeds though, can they? In the ruins of the old world, worse horrors lurk, and this is one of them- a horribly mutated zombie, or Aberrant, this type affectionately dubbed The Glom by local survivor groups, is a twisted fusion of three regular Shamblers. Tougher than your average zack, Gloms are extremely dangerous due to the many arms they can use to grab nearby survivors. It might not have what it takes to kill a tough survivor outright, but it doesn't need to- all it takes is delaying some hapless victim long enough for more zeds to arrive.

The Glom

    The Glom is a Reaper mini from the Savage Worlds line, straight out of the box. Guaranteed to gross people out!

    Pepper is a typical survivor - not what you'd quite expect for a post-apocalyptic hero. A stout, rotund fellow with a true love for food and beer, Pepper does his best to fix things that break for Raul and the others, and when he's not doing that, he's usually seasoning whatever they've scrounged and transforming barely edible meals into... well, edible ones. Tough as nails and a veteran of the ruins, Pepper carries a shotgun, but prefers to go quiet and stick to his trusty metal pipe in most situations.


    Pepper is another Black Scorpion figure, although he is decently converted - he actually began life as an old west mini, but some putty, glue, and a donation from the bits box turned him from a cowboy to this trucker gone zombie survivor. Ok, so it's not that big a stretch. :P

    No zombie collection would be complete without some crawlers, and we've been dying to paint these up ever since the Zombie Vixens box arrived. This particular zed used to be a nurse, so we decided to make the floor as much of a character in this mini as the figure itself. This crawler is typifies what a Shambler is all about; axe to the face, legs blown off, and still coming!


    This crawler is another Zombie Vixen from Wargames Factory on a custom base made from putty. These crawlers really are a nice little bonus touch that come with the boxed sets, it's great to have that little bit more variety!

    He might not run in the same crew as Pepper and Raul, but make no mistake, Jonner is not someone you'd want to run across while scavenging in the ruins. He's never talked about his life before the crash, but one thing's for certain: Jonner knew how to kill things before killing  to stay alive became the daily norm. Physically imposing and ice cold, he acts as the muscle for his survivor group, keeping the others out of trouble when he can, filling trouble with holes when he can't.


    Jonner is a Wargames Foundry miniaure from the Street Violence range mounted on a custom base made from putty. No conversions here, this mini is straight out of the box.

    Aberrants aren't all giant mutant freaks. No, some of the most terrifying zeds are the little ones - not slow and lumbering, but wickedly fast. Imps, as the scavengers call 'em, are part of the latter group. Small and agile, Imps are known to leap large distances to pounce on unsuspecting victims, tearing away chunks of flesh with their powerful, over-sized claws.


   The Imp is from the awesome range of Zombie Characters from Studio Miniatures mounted on a resin base from Secret Weapon. This guy is small and looks fairly nimble, making him a perfect candidate to serve as a Stalker type Aberrant.

   Our last mini for this week of Zomtober is the enigmatic Naci, the blazing red mohawk-sporting tribal from the deepest ruins. When the world went to hell, some people banded together to survive and make a life for each other. Others grabbed on for the ride and went to hell with it, reverting to tribal savagery. A master marksman with her hand crossbow, Naci is the tribe's huntress and scout. Able to stalk through the rubble of the old world without a sound, she makes the perfect scout. And, for when things get up close and personal, nothing solves a dispute quite like a giant monkey wrench.


    Naci was another fun conversion, and a good example of how miniatures from other genres can fit into the post apocalypse without too much effort. The base mini is a fantasy adventurer from Reaper, given a head swap courtesy of a Street Violence mini from Wargames Foundry. The base was sculpted from putty, made to look like she's perched on top of an old trash bag.

Well, that wraps up our first Zomtober blog post, if all goes well and the brushes strike true, we'll have another one just in time for Halloween!