Welcome to the new site!

Well, first off I'd like to welcome everyone to the new website for Rust Devil Games and Zed or Alive, our upcoming zombie miniatures game! While the majority of the website is dedicated to providing general information about the game, we'll be using the blog to keep everyone up to date on the current progress of the game itself. Additionally, we'll be posting discussion topics, miniature modeling guides, and more! Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in the comments or head to the forums, we plan on being extremely accessible to the community, as this is truly a game made for fans of the genre. Project Status: 

Or, where we're at! Currently, the initial draft of the game is nearing completion. This means all of the major systems, units, items, and everything else are in the game. What remains to be done on a design side, is additional testing on some of the different human group types, as well as as much testing as we can squeeze in on Aberrants. The mutant zombies are a tough one to tackle from a game design perspective, as the different ability combinations allow for a truly staggering number of combinations.

On the business side, we are in the process of contacting publishers, printers, and other companies to finalize the costs involved before we launch our Kickstarter campaign. Like many small companies, we simply do not have access to the capital to simply print a run of books to sell directly from the site. We decided that, rather than offer a PDF-only game, we would use Kickstarter to raise enough funding for our initial print run. We are not simply conducting a Kickstarter campaign because it's trendy or because we can. We simply cannot print the book without it.

When is this happening?

We have a firm "it's done when it's done" policy in regards to our release date, but we are hoping to get things in high gear within the next few months. Until then, welcome to the site!

-The RDG Team