Q: What is miniature gaming?

A:  Before you get into Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game you should understand what this is all about. Miniature gaming is a form of wargaming that, while similar in some respects to board games, typically don’t use a set board but rather model terrain and miniature figures to represent the battlefield and soldiers, using a set of rules to govern what happens there!


Q: What miniatures is Zed or Alive made for?

A: Any miniatures you like! Zed or Alive has been purposely designed so as to not be dependent on any specific figures, allowing you to use your own collection of Zombie and Survivor miniatures if you already have some, or any of those available for purchase. That said, there is a group of miniature companies that were gracious enough to give us permission to photograph their figures for our game listed below, check them out!

Q: What scale of miniatures can be used with Zed or Alive?

A: The rules assume the use of standard 25mm-28mm figures, but also work with slightly larger “heroic” scales, as well as slightly smaller ones such as 20mm. Additionally, the rules contain all of the necessary conversions to use 15mm miniatures as well!


Q: How many miniatures do I need to play?

A: We wanted Zed or Alive to be a game that players could easily get into without breaking the bank, therefore most starting human groups are about four models, although they can grow as large as eight. Zombie Strains typically field four Aberrant zombies or fewer. Military groups, if they’re particularly gutsy, can even field a lone soldier! You will also want to have at least a dozen zombies, although Shamblers can be marked with counters or tokens easily enough.


Q: I don’t have any urban terrain, can I still play Zed or Alive?

A: Sure! While the rules are written with an urban environment in mind, they work just fine for suburban and rural town settings as well. Additionally, we will be providing additional setting packs for those who wish to play their campaigns in settings other than urban American Northeast. Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign for more info on this!


Q: Terrain takes up a lot of space. How big a table does Zed or Alive use?

A: Lowering barriers to entry was one of our goals with this game, and building up a collection of terrain can be a big hurdle for many players. With that in mind, most of the Confrontations in Zed or Aliveuse a 4’x4′ table size (2’x2′ for 15mm players).


Q: What are the rules like?

A: While heavily modified, the game is based at its core on theSavage Worlds: Showdown! rules, which are available for free from the Pinnacle Entertainment Group website!.


Q: I love your miniatures! Where did you get them?

A: Many of our figures are conversions, but they all began as a miniature from one of the companies listed on our Miniatures page.


Q: Why are you guys called Rust Devil Games?

A: Well, the RDG crew are big fans of all things post-apocalyptic, and the company was actually formed in spirit while we were all visiting Wasteland Weekend 2012. Our “tribe,” or group, is a ragtag bunch of wasteland bounty hunters called the Rust Devils. When we hang out, gaming is always a topic of discussion, and we decided to form our company. On the road trip home, we ironed out the specifics of the business and our first few projects, and we have been flat out ever since!

If you have any further questions regarding Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game, please let us know via the forums, blog comments, or the contact form at the bottom of the page!